Smart mobility for more self-reliance

Ability Tech designs and creates smart assistive devices for people with disabilities

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we do

You can turn to us if you depend on assistive devices, work with people who need assistive tools, or if you are interested in contributing to the innovation and creation of practical and smart tools for people with disabilities.

Currently, we are working on several development themes: self-driving wheelchairs and assistive robots, robot arms, and game controllers. We do this for individuals who can lead a better life with these assistive devices.

We will also develop assistive tools for people beyond these themes. We approach this step by step. With our small team, we aim to make the world significantly more accessible for everyone in this way.

A self-driving wheelchair

"I have no control over my movements. That's why I rely on assistive devices and the help of others. But there's nothing wrong with my mind. With a self-driving wheelchair, I can decide for myself where I want to go. I asked Ability Tech if they can make this possible."
Andrei Fokkink

We are developing a self-driving wheelchair for Andrei, which he can control using his eye-controlled computer. We now have a functioning prototype. Ultimately, we aim to make this technology applicable to all wheelchairs.

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Innovation in the assistive device sector is struggling to reach users. We aim to change that by promoting structural attention and innovation, both in educational institutions and throughout society.

For this purpose, we are seeking collaboration in the areas of knowledge, creativity, materials, and financing and more.